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Why MaxLove Brand


 "When change is rapid and problems abundant, society must be creatively adaptive or fall further and further behind." -- David Moss

MaxLove Project began as an effort to pay forward all the love, kindness, and practical help we received after our Max was diagnosed with brain cancer. We received so much that we felt a deep need to start reflecting this love on to others fighting the same battle. Outside of conventional medicine, the most powerful things that helped, and still help, us were "integrative" therapies like acupuncture, massage, and anti-cancer nutrition. We were able to afford these because family, friends, and strangers helped us. We wanted to figure out a way to do this for others. This is what MaxLove Project is all about.

But we never wanted MaxLove Project to compete with all the other amazing childhood cancer non-profits out there. We wanted to complement them (because we're better together). So we created MaxLove Brand to be a sustainable funding source for MaxLove Project, as well as other childhood cancer non-profits. This may seem pretty straightforward, but because there's nothing out there quite like MaxLove Project, we understand that we need to find better ways of explaining who we are and what we do.

MaxLove Brand is:

  • a creative cause brand 
  • a true headwear brand designed and run by creative leaders in the apparel industry
  • a unique funding mechanism for different childhood cancer non profits 
  • a sustainable funding mechanism for growing MaxLove Project
  • an accessible outreach and awareness-raising effort
  • a community builder
  • a step in the right direction

Why MaxLove Brand matters:

The Cause: We're in the unique position to forward the cause of battling childhood cancer by raising funds and awareness in a joyful, hopeful, and forward-looking way. Because childhood cancer causes so much pain and sorrow, it is unusual for fundraising and awareness-raising to be associated with positive energy, love, and hope. And these are the foundation of MaxLove! 

The Community: We're building a Community of Hope, a group of exemplary nonprofits that MaxLove Brand proudly supports. We can't be everything to everyone, addressing every need in the childhood cancer community. Each nonprofit, foundation, and entity takes on a piece of the puzzle and plays an essential role in conquering childhood cancers. We believe that we are all better together.

Fundraising: We strive to build a sustainable funding portfolio, one that doesn't depend solely on individual or corporate giving. We're building an earned-income revenue stream with tremendous potential to generate significant income from *outside* of the childhood cancer community. Our goal is to be able to assure donors that administrative expenses (once we have them) are self-financed. Plus, people like to buy things. We're making beautiful products that do good, for the greater good. 

Friendraising: We have access to numerous opportunities that would not be open to a traditional nonprofit, from trade shows to vendor fairs. We are fortunate to be able to connect with many people on different levels. We're selling our cause as we introduce people to a new product. MaxLove Brand is accessible even when the realities of childhood cancers are sometimes too hard.

Connections: Giving a hat to a kid fighting cancer for each hat sold gives us the opportunity to connect with kids fighting cancer across the globe, thereby increasing our connectedness. As our funding stream increases, the resources we can spread through these connections will increase as well.

Why we need you:

We are just at the beginning of a very long, very organic journey. We make wrong turns and double back. We try new ideas. Create, innovate, and start over. But we have one direction and one goal: to help kids thrive against cancer. And we need you to join us in this journey by sharing our story, following our progress, and showing your MaxLove! You can do this today by introducing MaxLove Brand, the first cause brand devoted to childhood cancers, to someone you care about.

Thank you for your continued love and support. 

Much MAXLOVE! -- Audra {Max's Momma}



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