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Healing Turtle Story


When SuperMax came home from over three weeks in the hospital after brain surgery in August 2011 he was very afraid of the dark.  The four nightlights in his room proved insufficient to soothe his fears.  Max's mom immediately ran out to purchase a Cloud B Twilight Turtle, hoping that the soothing stars would do the trick.  Max now sleeps with it every night, along with a few more Cloud b additions, and loves how he's able to turn on his “healing buddies” whenever he chooses.

The turtles (most brilliantly) come with three different colors of star projections.  Max immediately identified the green stars as "healing" stars.  A part of his fighting/healing story includes the superpower color green.  
Green food, green drinks, and green energy all help a SuperKids like Max really fight the bad guys. When Max saw those green "healing" stars he was thrilled to have another way to fight.  Max held the turtle with the green stars projecting on his ceiling up to the back of his head and showed his mommy how he's able to help heal himself.  Max said, “look mommy! I’m healing!” This was such a remarkable display of empowerment, as well as the therapeutic aspects of positivity and stress relief, that Max's family decided to find a way to share these amazing toys with other SuperKids fighting cancer.  

Max’s mom wrote an email to the Cloud b company requesting support to purchase the Twilight Turtle at a discounted rate to send to children fighting cancer across the nation. The company’s CEO promptly replied that Cloud b would be happy to donate product for this worthy cause. Over a year later, MaxLove Project has partnered with Cloud b to donate and distribute approximately $100,000 worth of Twilight Turtles to SuperKids fighting cancer and related rare diseases around the world.

MaxLove Project has distributed Love + Light packages to kids fighting cancer and other related rare diseases in almost every state as well as Canada, Ireland, Mexico, and the Philippines. “Love + Light” packages have been distributed to the following children’s hospitals:

  • Arkansas Children’s Hospital
  • Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital, Orlando (FL)
  • Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital, Portland (ME)
  • Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Brenner’s Children’s Hospital, NC
  • Bristol Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital, New Jersey
  • Cardon’s Children’s Hospital, Phoenix
  • Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles
  •  Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  •  Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
  •  CHOC Children’s Hospital, Orange, CA
  •  City of Hope, CA
  • Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, Portland (OR)
  • Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Grand Rapids (MI)
  • Kaiser, Los Angeles
  • Kosair Children’s Hospital, Louisville (KY)
  • Lucile Packard Children’s (Stanford)
  • Lurie Children’s, Chicago
  • Mattel Children’s Hospital (UCLA)
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering, NYC
  • Miller Children’s Hospital, Long Beach
  • North Carolina Children’s Hospital
  • Providence Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, Spokane
  • Phoenix Children’s Hospital
  • Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • Texas Children’s Hospital
  • University of Arizona
  • University of California, Irvine
  • University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital
  • Ventura County Medical Center, CA
  • Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
  • Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital

Love + Light packages are delivered individually to the homes of children fighting cancer or to children’s hospitals directly via our “SuperKid Ambassador” program. In addition, Love + Light packages have been delivered to Ronald McDonald Houses and similar support programs across the nation.

Max’s mom is now a proud member of Cloud b’s Advisory Board. Believing fully in the overwhelming benefits of this extraordinary product, MaxLove Project seeks to support every child’s protocol with the empowerment delivered by the Twilight Turtle.


A Message to All SuperKids

If you're a SuperKid who received a turtle we're thrilled that you've been able to participate in sharing Max's love. We believe in YOU -- you have tremendous superpowers and amazing strength.  The healing turtle is a superfriend and is there for you whenever you need some extra superpower energy!  Please feel free to post pictures of you and your turtle to our Facebook page and also to share your story with us.  Behind every SuperKid there's a SuperCommunity -- we're here for you!


Sending SuperKids Fighting Cancer Love + Light

MaxLove Project is proud to partner with the Cloud B company to bring Love + Light to SuperKids across the US. We ship Cloud B's generously donated Twilight Turtle as well as MaxLove's special edition SuperKid beanie to children fighting cancer at home and in hospitals across the nation. To help us fund the program for shipping expenses and supplies please consider making a tax deductible contribution or purchasing a Hope beanie as the net proceeds benefit this initiative. To request a Love + Light package for a SuperKid, please use this form.


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