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Three More Days...

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In just three short days MaxLove Brand is have a Black Friday all weekend long! Receive 30% off storewide from November 28-30. Give the gift of hope this holiday season!

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The Story Behind: The Tucker Beanie

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MaxLove finds constant inspiration from our fierce fighters, and Tucker is no different. MaxLove Brand is proud to honor SuperKid Tucker, a young man who fought his cancer with bravery, positivity, fierce, fierce courage.

When Tucker was 17 years old, he went to the doctor about an ear infection he had gotten from swimming. While at the pediatrician, he mentioned his stomach had been hurting, and the doctor also found that his spleen was sensitive. Thought to be mononucleosis, the doctors took Tucker’s blood to be tested. When his results came back, Tucker was diagnosed with a rare form of AML Leukemia. His treatment started immediately, and he bravely fought through it all with numerous therapies and blood transfusions.

Tucker loved swimming with his school swim team and goofing off with his younger brothers Tristan, Lochlan, Finnian, and Aisling.   He was a huge fan of Ozzy Osbourne, Carvel ice cream cake, and practical jokes. He loved Fenway Franks from Fenway Park and his hometown of Southbury, Connecticut. He was a musician and was talented with several different instruments. His love of piano was therapeutic for him, and he could often be found playing the piano in his hospital’s teen room.

There’s no question as to how special of a young man Tucker was. Though he was quiet, sweet, and thoughtful, he hammered through his treatment. He never failed to keep his spirits high and kept everyone around him laughing and smiling. He was selfless, and wise far beyond his years. Even during his own treatment, Tucker was a role model to other children fighting cancer and encouraged them on in their battle. Tucker inspired MaxLove Project’s Chief Inspiration Officer, SuperMax, with a love note of encouragement and the MaxLove Team and Max will always treasure it.

With his love of water and paddle boarding, Tucker’s legacy continues through Luck2Tuck Paddle and Swim 4 a Cure. His family carries on Tucker’s memory through advocacy for pediatric cancer awareness and funding, and we are proud to stand by them. Tucker had a heart of true gold, and we are honored to name this beanie after such an inspiration.

Tucker Beanie

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The Story Behind: The Anya

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A lovable, courageous, and fierce fighter, SuperKid Anya inspires the MaxLove team daily with her determination and optimism. MaxLove Project is proud to honor Anya and her brave fight against brain cancer.

When she was three years old, Anya had been having painful recurring headaches. Doctors couldn’t find anything wrong, but her mother, a fierce advocate and SuperMom, knew that something wasn’t right. She began logging Anya’s headaches, but there weren’t any red flags for months. That is, until sweet Anya had such an excruciating headache that she began to scream and cry. Anya was taken to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer, ependymoma.

Fierce fighter Anya battled her cancer with several rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, and extensive brain surgeries, one even lasting 24 hours! At one point, doctors found that Anya’s brain stem was pushed almost 90 degrees in the wrong direction from the tumor. This means Anya should have had slurring words, difficulty walking, and other neurological issues. Not only did this fierce fighter not show any of these symptoms, but she continued to thrive against her cancer!

Today, Anya is still kicking her cancer’s butt. As MaxLove Project SuperKid Ambassador, Anya delivers Twilight Turtles to bring comfort to other children battling cancer in her local children’s hospital. A lover of Rainbow Loom, this girl loomed against cancer with us in September and continues to be a fierce advocate for herself and other children thriving against the odds. Anya loves to play with her friends, learn in school, and spend time with her family.

Our SuperKids always inspire us, and Anya is no exception. She is thriving against her cancer and determined to make sure that other children do as well. We are so proud and honored to stand with Anya as she shows the world just what it looks like to be fierce.

Anya Beanie

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The Story Behind: The Gabriella Laplander

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The fight against pediatric cancer requires a great deal from our kids. In addition to so many qualities that grown adults have yet to master, these young children must have the bravery to fight, the sense of humor to keep their spirits high, and the heart for life and love. Gabriella, a sweet young girl, had all these qualities and more. MaxLove Brand is proud to honor Gabriella, a SuperKid who inspires us all.  

Gabriella, known as “G” and “Bri” to her family, was nine years old when she was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, or DIPG. DIPG is an aggressive form of brain cancer for which there is no found cure. When Gabriella’s family was informed of her diagnosis, her oncologist explained that her tumor was the size of a walnut. From then on, Gabriella’s family declared their mission: to smash walnuts! Gabriella inspired supporters from all over the world to symbolically smash walnuts in her honor, and in the honor of so many other children fighting cancer. Smashing Walnuts also became the inspiration for the fund Gabriella founded with her parents, called the Smashing Walnuts Foundation,which works to “crack the cure for childhood brain cancer”.   

In the midst of Gabriella’s diagnosis and the beginning of the Smashing Walnuts Foundation, Gabriella became a fierce advocate for children with pediatric cancer. Not only did she fight for her own healing, but she also fought for SuperKids all over the world. She helped raise enough funds through Macy’s BELIEVE campaign to fund 36 trips to the Make A Wish Foundation! As a spokesperson for the Smashing Walnuts Foundation, she had many speaking engagements where she told her courageous story and encouraged others to step up in the face of adversity. Gabriella passed away at ten years old,surrounded by her adoring parents, younger brother Jake, and loved ones.  

Sweet Gabriella was sassy, smart, and clever. At just ten years old, Gabriella traveled to Paris, France, published a children’s book about cancer, and graduated college! She loved to read Harry Potter with her mother, joke with her younger brother, and goof off with her father. Gabriella loved going to school and playing with her stuffed animals and her friends. She loved interesting number sequences and patterns, and often noticed them in every day transactions. Gabriella especially loved hearts. Since her passing, Gabriella has sent heart messages to her family and loved ones, encouraging them to carry on in the fight against childhood cancer.  

MaxLove Brand is proud to honor Gabriella, a SuperKid who not only battled her own fight against cancer, but helped other children battle theirs. A sweet girl who loved stuffed animals, playing with her younger brother, and reading, Gabriella was a fierce advocate for childhood cancer awareness. Inspired by Gabriella’s love of hearts and the heart messages she sends her family and friends, we are proud to name the heart laplander in her honor and memory.

The Gabriella Laplander


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Black Friday Sale!

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Get ready for it... MaxLove Brand is having a Black Friday sale all weekend long. From November 28-30 get 30% off everything! This is the perfect opportunity to give thanks, give MaxLove, and give the gift that gives back this holiday season.

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