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The Story Behind: Hunny Bunny

Posted on December 12, 2014 by Kerisa MLP | 0 comments

Annabelle, or “Hunny Bunny” as she is more affectionately known, is a sweet four year old who MaxLove is proud to know and honor. Diagnosed with Stage IV High Risk Neuroblastoma, Hunny Bunny is fighting her cancer with strength and a fearless spirit.

Hunny Bunny was diagnosed after she had been complaining of pain, and her left eye was beginning to droop. After performing tests and scans, it was determined that Hunny Bunny was fighting Stage IV High Rish Neuroblastoma.   Now this four year old is undergoing chemotherapy to beat her cancer, and she’s kicking its butt!

Hunny Bunny is a sweet little fighter with a whole lot of personality! This SuperKid has a wide variety of interests, from puppies to creating artwork for her mom and dad. She loves the Ninja Turtles, and Donatello will always be the number one turtle in her book. She is fascinated by turtles, frogs, and butterflies, but clarifies that she does not like bugs. This fierce fighter likes to spend her time in the hospital by racing cars up and down the hallways. She is fast and active, and throws care to the wind when it comes to racing her mom and dad (she always wins)!   Hunny Bunny also loves to watch movies, do puzzles, and paint. Hunny Bunny’s absolute favorite things to do are sneak up on people and scare them. Every time she does, she breaks out into her contagious laugh that has everyone smiling and laughing with her.

Hunny Bunny is a fierce, brave, and fearless fighter who we are honored to know and stand with this spunky SuperKid. MaxLove Brand is proud to honor Hunny Bunny and stand with this fierce fighter as she thrives against her cancer. 

Hunny Bunny Beanie

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The Story Behind: The Annika Laplander

Posted on December 11, 2014 by Kerisa MLP | 0 comments

Inspired by a fierce fighter who is now cancer free after being diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma, Annika is an inspiration to all those who are battling against the odds.

When Annika was 11 years old, she had been complaining of intense stomach pains. When she was taken to the emergency room, doctors found that her colon was telescoping back on itself and she was sent by ambulance to her local children’s hospital for surgery. During her surgery, doctors found that there was a solid mass the size of an adult’s fist on her abdomen. Annika was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma after initial pathology of the tumor identified that is was cancerous.

Annika was every bit of a courageous SuperKid, and endured many harsh and intense treatments and therapies. She was poked, scanned, scoped, and tested, and still smiled and thrived through it all. She served as not only an inspiration to her family, but also her friends and community. At 16 years old, Annika reached a huge milestone in the cancer community, which is that she reached five years of being cancer free. A person’s chance of relapse diminishes significantly after this much time, and we are thrilled to see Annika thriving so beautifully.

This 17 year old may be cancer free, but she has not left the pediatric cancer community. In fact, this fierce fighter and her family spend their time advocating for children fighting cancer. Annika’s mom joined the St. Baldrick’s Foundation team 46 Mommas, named for the 46 children who are diagnosed with cancer daily. She has fundraised for pediatric cancer research for St. Baldrick’s and then shaved her hair off! Annika continues to stand strong and fight hard for childhood cancer awareness, research, and treatment options.

Annika is no longer a SuperKid, but a SuperTeen, continuing to thrive against the odds. We are honored to name this textured knit Laplander beanie after courageous, thoughtful, and sweet Annika.


The Annika Laplander

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The Story Behind: The Titus Beanie

Posted on December 10, 2014 by Kerisa MLP | 2 comments

MaxLove is proud to honor our little fighter and big inspiration, Titus.

This guy may look little, but he is a big SuperKid. Titus was just five months old when he was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia. Since his diagnosis, this sweet boy has endured grueling therapies and treatments. He has undergone chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant, and blood transfusions. This SuperKid went into remission at nine months old, but relapsed again at 14 months. He then went into remission and had his bone marrow and stem cell transplant at 17 months. At 21 months old, sweet Titus has relapsed again. When a child with Acute Myloid Leukemia relapses after transplant, there is no standard form of treatment and his parents have made a choice that parents of SuperKids should never have to make. Our hearts are heavy and with Titus’ family, as they have decided to give Titus a low dose of chemotherapy to gift him a life filled with love and joy for as long as they can.

Sweet Titus is a feisty toddler who has shown us all what it means to enjoy life to the fullest. Even though he’s been on an exhausting rollercoaster of treatments and has gone in and out of remission, you would never guess it from his personality. He loves to play with his toys and climb on anything he can. He loves anything with a motor, including big trucks, cars, trains, and airplanes. Titus loves a good challenge and is meticulous and focused when figuring out how different things work. Of course, most of all, Titus loves to snuggle and love on his mommy and daddy.

We are so very honored to know Titus and his family, and honor him with this MaxLove beanie. Titus has shown us just what it means to thrive and love. We are grateful for the inspiration we seek from Titus and the joy he spreads with every smile and giggle.  Titus and his family hold a special place in all of Team MaxLove’s hearts, and we will always stand by them.

The Titus Beanie

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The Story Behind: The Ava Beanie and Scarf

Posted on December 09, 2014 by Kerisa MLP | 0 comments

MaxLove Project is continuously inspired by SuperKid, and now SuperPreteen, Ava.

When Ava was eight years old, her mother took her to the doctor because of swollen lymph nodes on her neck. Ava was initially misdiagnosed before she was diagnosed with a rare form of acute leukemia of ambiguous lineage. Her diagnosis is unique because she didn't fall into a specific lymphoma/leukemia category due to misdiagnosis and pretreatment that skewed her biopsy results. Her original diagnosis was T-Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, but was later changed to Biphenotypic Leukemia.  

Ava’s treatment wasn’t easy, but she fought her cancer with grace, determination, and a sense of humor. She endured 28 months of grueling chemotherapy and 10 days of cranial radiation therapy. Through it all, she lit up the hospital room with her smile and laugh.

Ava is now a sweet 12 year old who loves middle school. She loves to draw and is working on mastering new artistic techniques. Despite her radiation and harmful treatments at such a young age, Ava thrives in school. She is an excellent student and has surmounted all her academic challenges. She enjoys working on the Student Council at her school, and creating change in her own community.

When Ava isn’t busy at school and working on Student Council, she loves to create art and listen to music. She loves to be with her best friend, her siblings, and her parents. She has also taken the time with her family to create an organization called Giving Gators, which “strives to support pediatric patients and their families while they are being treated” at her local hospital.

Ava inspires the MaxLove team with her big heart and courageous spirit. She is thriving against the odds, and making sure that other children do too. We’re proud to honor Ava, and stand with her as she kicks cancer’s butt.

The Ava Beanie and The Ava Scarf

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The Story Behind: Grayson Beanie

Posted on December 08, 2014 by Kerisa MLP | 0 comments

MaxLove Project adores all of our fierce fighters, and we are proud to honor sweet Grayson.

When Grayson was seven months old, he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain stem tumor. This fierce fighter has endured MRI’s, CT Scans, a spinal tap, extensive lab work. He has fought his way through chemotherapy and the harmful side effects of the treatment.   He has dealt with dental surgery, hair loss, and other Even though having cancer is the only life he’s known, this SuperKid has yet to back down in the face of adversity.

This fierce fighter loves a good snuggle with his momma and dad. He is a twin and one of five children, so he always has the joy of playing with his sisters and brother. Grayson loves to be active, and especially loves roller-skating, playing outside, and riding his bike. He likes to read books, listen to music, and be a sassy four year old. As he grows, his family is grateful for every milestone he reaches, and so are we.

This SuperKid has piercing blue eyes and a sweet smile that reminds us of the reason we fight for better treatment options for our children. We are proud to join in his family’s fight for him as we dedicate this beanie in his honor.

The Grayson Beanie

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