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Halloween Series: The Cowgirl

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It’s time to show how the West was won, this Hollow’s eve!  This costume is an easy outfit that you can put together with items your child already owns in their closet!  Grab a plaid shirt and jeans, and pair them with a Harper fedora.  As your cowgirl saddles up for the evening, make sure she has her lasso to wrangle up any spooky monsters she crosses paths with.  Whether your cowgirl goes panning for gold, or trick-or-treating for candy, she’ll be sure to make out like a bandit.


Hat // Plaid Shirt // Jeans // Fringe Vest // Boots // Pony Stick // Sheriff Badge

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The Story Behind: The Maddie Collection

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A cheerful, sweet, and intelligent girl, SuperKid Maddie has inspired MaxLove Project to help fierce fighters thrive against their cancer.  Maddie was diagnosed with grade IV glioblastoma multiforme, which is a very aggressive form of brain cancer.  She showed us what it meant to be brave as she underwent an oral chemotherapy treatment and 33 radiation treatments.  As Maddie fought on, she enjoyed playing with her baby brother, her family, and her friends.  Maddie especially loved snow, and even had a wish granted to play in a snowstorm in Arlington, Texas, in July!  At six years old, spunky and sweet Maddie passed away.  We are honored to name the Maddie Beanie, Maddie Mittens, and Maddie Scarf in her memory.

In memory of her spirit and love for snow, MaxLove Brand is honored to name our striped purl knit textured beanie, mittens, and double wrap infinity scarf for Maddie. 

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The Story Behind: The Brooke Beanie

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When Brooke was three years old, she began having several health issues that did not immediately point to cancer.  Initially diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Brooke’s right knee had become swollen and she was having trouble walking. She had been having unexplained fevers and would become sick to her stomach. Her parents pushed for more answers, and it was eventually found that Brooke had stage IV, high-risk neuroblastoma. Scans found that a large tumor was in her abdomen, which was pressing on her left kidney, spine, and internal organs. 

Today, Brooke is a seven-year-old girl who loves country music, baby dolls, and playing with her younger brother. Her journey battling cancer has been tiresome, as she has endured several years of chemotherapy and other treatments at hospitals all around the country. Through it all, this fierce fighter has chosen to give back to other children who are battling cancer right along side her. Brooke is the inspiration and sweet face of Brooke’s Blossoms, an organization that not only raises awareness and research for childhood cancer, but also provides hand crafted headwear to children who have lost their hair during their battle with cancer. Brooke’s dedication to helping other children “blossom with hope” inspires us, and we’re so honored to be able to be fierce allies as we help SuperKids thrive against the odds.

The Brooke Beanie

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The Story Behind: The Luke Beanie

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We at MaxLove Brand, are in a constant state of awe and admiration for the fierce fighters who we are honored to know.  This week we are excited introduce you to a fighter that is truly from out of this world, SuperKid Luke. 


When Luke was three years old, his mother found a lump in his leg. Suddenly, Luke’s parents found themselves in a whirlwind of tests and scans, and within two days, the diagnosis was clear: Luke had Stage 4 Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma (ERMS). 


Luke’s journey, painfully similar to many children battling cancer, was not an easy road to recovery. At only three years old, he endured a 54 week treatment protocol, which was extended to 70 weeks due to complications.  This protocol included many rounds of chemotherapy, and six weeks of daily radiation that required sedation each time.  Luke kept his chin held high and battled onwards, even when his treatment was continually delayed due to bacterial infections and low blood counts.


Luke left his parents in awe and admiration for him, as he impressed everyone with his determination and resiliency throughout his treatment.  Luke never told his parents or doctors “no”, throughout his treatment.  The only thing he fought was his cancer, and he continued fighting until he kicked his cancer’s butt.


Now a thriving nine-year-old, Luke is cancer free.  He loves everything Star Wars, from having light saber duels with his younger brother, to building space ships with Legos.  He enjoys watching Star Wars movies with his family, reading books, and playing outside and on the beach.  Luke even served as a St. Baldrick’s Foundation Ambassador of 2013, inspiring SuperKids all over as they travel their own path to recovery.  Luke reminds us of Luke Skywalker, and not just because of his name.  This fierce fighter knows what a tough battle looks like, and he fights on. 


Luke Skywalker would be proud of you, Luke, and we are honored just to know you. 


Today Luke remains cancer free and wishes for all kids diagnosed with cancer, “May the Force be with you!” We hope that this textured tweed knit beanie keeps you warm as you wander the land of Hoth in the outer galaxies.   


To learn more about Luke’s story, visit his St. Baldrick’s Foundation page.


Luke Beanies

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The Halloween Series: The Witch

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Eye of newt,

Tail of rat,

Have a complete spooky costume,

With MaxLove Brand’s new hat.


Get your cauldrons brewing and crack open that spell book! Today we bring you MaxLove Brand’s newest hat inspiration, The Witch!  This spooky costume is made complete with MaxLove Brand’s Fall/Winter 2014 floppy hat, the Annika.  Fly through the night with one of our favorites from the new collection, and you’ll be sure to get some good treats!


Hat // Shoes // Skirt // Lace Bodysuit // Broom // Spell Book // Cauldron

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