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Inspiration For Good: Men's Fashion

Posted on July 28, 2014 by Kerisa MLP | 0 comments

Today's Inspiration for Good is dedicated to all the men out there who may have been feeling left out from all of our posts that have been mainly about women's fashion. We love the simplicity of just a shirt, shorts, a cap, and some comfy shoes but we mainly how this outfit is all about making an impact with the clothes that you choose to wear.


The tee featured was designed by the super talented Sarah Babetski with IMM Boulder. Here is her inspiration behind the graphic: “I wanted the t-shirt to embody the spirit of MaxLove’s ‘Inspired by Hope, Made with Heart’ mantra. The heart is a simple symbol but represents so much – love, hope, strength, compassion and spirit – all essential to the healing process.”


Read more about IMM and the fun competition they had while designing these limited edition shirts here.


#InspiredByHope #StayFierce #GiveMaxLove #MadeWithHeart


Cap // Tee // Shorts // Shoes 

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Company Crush: Tiny Whales

Posted on July 25, 2014 by Kerisa MLP | 0 comments

Ever since we first met the lovely husband and wife team of Tiny Whales we instantly fell in love with their big hearts and awesome designs. The company started in 2008 when graphic designer Shaun and stylist Brittany decided to make some fresh one of a kind shirts for their little nephew. Luckily for us their designs soon blew up thus starting Tiny Whales where you can buy these rad shirts for that special little someone in your life.

And in case you didn't know this awesome company even designed a special shirt for MaxLove that you can buy here. The "Be Kind" tee shirt is inspired by our belief that generosity and love are healing forces in our families and communities. Be the love!

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The Story Behind: The McKenna Beanie

Posted on July 23, 2014 by Kerisa MLP | 1 comment

Our McKenna Beanie is named in honor of McKenna, a beautiful brain cancer fighter, taken from her family by DIPG, a lethal form of pediatric brain cancer. Her parents founded the McKenna Claire Foundation in her honor with the mission of fulfilling her legacy, finding answers to the most confounding challenges in pediatric brain cancer research. MCF supports groundbreaking research, funding studies aimed at unlocking answers to DIPG especially. It's understood that if we can find answers to the overwhelming questions associated with DIPG, we will unlock keys to understand all cancers. You too can make a difference by supporting their amazing efforts.

McKenna's parents beautifully describe their daughter and their heartbreaking  journey:

"Our daughter had always been amazing to us, but now she showed a strength of character and grace that even we didn’t know she possessed. This little girl never complained about her treatments, never cried because of them. She bore it all with stoic courage and never lost her sense of humor. There were definitely low points. She had always been extremely active and was a talented soccer player and gymnast. Her favorite things to do were to run and play with the neighborhood kids on the street. Some of these capabilities were permanently lost to her. However, she challenged herself in new ways. She continued to swim, play on the bars, play guitar, sing, and draw when she could. Her friends rallied around her and created the Tuesday Homework Club, which wasn’t so much about homework, but rather about the joys of friendship. She continued to enjoy and excel at school, receiving advanced rankings on standardized tests. Her sister, Jordan, and best friend, Sophie, kept her entertained at home. We traveled to Hawaii, the mountains, the desert and Las Vegas. Thanks to generous friends, she got to go to tapings of American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and sat on the floor at a Laker game. McKenna definitely lived a rock star life for a while, but would gladly have given it all up to be able to run again, to, as she put it, “Get rid of that stupid tumor.”

We are proud to stand with our friends, raising awareness, resources and hope for all families struggling to thrive against tremendous odds.

Our MaxLove Organic collection goes above and beyond both in terms of sustainability and style. Each beanie in this collection is knit from 100% certified organic cotton and is also hand dyed at a natural dye house in Los Angeles. Each piece therefore presents many unique qualities both in color and in the natural cotton fiber. The dye house uses biodegradable natural products like oak, chestnuts, flowers, and natural indigo.

 We are hosting a Loomonade Stand in honor of the McKenna Claire Foundation on August 2nd in front of The Lost Bean in Tustin, CA from 9:00am-12:00pm, we hope to see you all there! For more information on this Loomonade Event and any other Loom Event check out this link

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Inspiration for Good: Casual Boho

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Today's Inspiration for Good is devoted to creative ideas for showing your MaxLove in a casual boho look that is perfect for this summer weather. So whether you're going to your local county fair or making a trip down to the beach this outfit is both casually comfortable and fashionably stylish.


With just the right amount of mixing prints and incorporating a bright pop of color all of the girls on the MaxLove Brand team is swooning over this look. The Avery Fedora is the perfect hat to through on as you run out the door and enjoy your summer!


#InspiredByHope #StayFierce #GiveMaxLove #MadeWithHeart


Fedora \\ Shirt \\ Jean Shorts \\ Shoes \\ Purse \\ Kimono 

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Company Crush: Gabe's Chemo Duck

Posted on July 18, 2014 by Kerisa MLP | 0 comments

Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program is a unique educational program offered by Gabe’s My Heart, a nonprofit organization that supports children and families living with cancer. Created by a mother for her son Gabe when he was diagnosed with cancer at a young age, Chemo Duck is a soft, cuddly companion that provides huggable hope and alleviates fear and anxiety. Developed with the help of child life specialists and medical professionals, the Chemo Duck Program helps introduce children and families to their new life and encourages healing through the power of play therapy.

With a central line on the chest area, or a small bump under a bandage where the medicine goes when the child is getting medicine at the hospital all of the Chemo Ducks have special features that helps an ill child relate to Chemo Duck and not feel so isolated and alone. All Chemo Ducks have a little cover that goes on their arm that is called a no-no arm immobilizer, this helps hold the IV in place. Chemo Ducks also have deep belly buttons his feeding tube goes.


Super Max absolutely loves his Chemo Duck and his little sister Maesie is loving Chemo Duck's very best friend Hope. If you have a children fighting cancer or a special little someone their website has some wonderful tips on how to use Chemo Duck and talking to your little.

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Buy headwear and help SuperKids thrive against cancer - MaxLove | MaxLove Project

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